My article in the Guardian on the taxi network in Addis Ababa

After published my blog post last week on the taxi network in Addis Ababa, the Guardian asked me to write an article for their ‘Cities in Motion’ series.

I would like to add that the article probably should have acknowledged the role of the government-run Anbesa bus network in public transport Addis Ababa. I had mentioned this in my original blog post but due to word limits on the article I didn’t have space to squeeze it in.

I also think the sub-heading in the article is somewhat misleading and should have said something like: can the taxis and the railway coexist in harmony? rather than will a new rail light railway aid or hinder the city? The key point I was trying to make in the article is that trying to regulate a complex system is more than likely going to fail unless careful attention is paid to its unique operation dynamics. I also think the taxi system is unfairly maligned and actually provides a relatively good service in the face of many challenges.

Lastly, I was also made aware of another interesting blog post on the taxis in Addis that is worth a read if you are interesting in a more detailed account of the experience of using this form of transport.

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