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Reflections on the New Climate Economy Report on Urbanisation in Ethiopia

This post provides some reflections on the recently released report titled Unlocking the Power of Ethiopia’s Cities, which was jointly prepared by the Global Green Growth Institute and Ethiopia Development Research Institute and funded by the New Climate Economy initiative. … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Development: Return of the Technocracy?

A few weeks ago I attended an experience-sharing event for the Strategic Climate Institutions Program, a five-year initiative that aims to build the capacity of the Ethiopia government to implement its Climate Resilient Green Economy strategy. One thing that struck … Continue reading

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The PDF download debate: view from an Ethiopian research organisation

A report published by the World Bank earlier this month found that over 31% of its policy reports have never been downloaded, not even once. This is quite a startling (albeit perhaps unsurprising) finding given that one of the primary objectives of … Continue reading

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Organisational Capacity Building – A Systems Perspective.

I have been reflecting on the inherent challenges of building the capacity of local organisations in development and I believe that adopting a systems perspective is a very useful lens for assessing capacity needs and for identifying points of intervention. … Continue reading

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The Problem with Output Targets – Ethiopia’s Faidherbia Programme

I recently attended a stakeholder workshop in Addis Ababa regarding the development of an action plan for the national Faidherbia programme. This initiative dates back to December 2011 when the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi announced the country’s plan … Continue reading

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Some useful links to urban issues in Addis Ababa

This week the Guardian launched its new Guardian Cities website. According to this article, the purpose of the new website is: …as an open platform for critical discussion and debate about the issues facing the world’s metropolitan centres…Featuring regular contributions … Continue reading

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REDD: A window of opportunity to protect forests in developing countries? Or a threat to multi-functional landscapes?

Even since I first heard about the REDD concept (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) I have been concerned about the potential negative impacts of the use of this financial mechanism on forest-dependent communities and the provision of a broad … Continue reading

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